Visitors Don’t Convert.

Recordings Show You Why

Watch Movies of Visitors Trying to use Your Website

Gurulytics will automatically capture every visitor that visits your website and create a “recording” of what they did. You can watch every click, scroll, move and more to find out how visitors are truly using your website.

Our system even works on dynamic or member’s only pages out-of-the-box, without any additional or complicated setup. You can pause, play, speed, skip idle activity and jump to any page of the visitor’s session.


Powerful Segmentation at Your Fingertips

Filter through millions of recordings instantly and segment the data by browser, OS, referring source, location, device, behaviors, and more.

You can pass in any custom data to our system such as an order number, customer ID, or name and filter directly to those specific recordings. Next time your customer says they had an issue using your site you can watch exactly what went wrong.

See How It Works

A customer visits your website

and struggles to use it.

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Gurulytics records everything

so you can learn from it and increase conversions.


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